Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunset in the Blue Ridge Mountains

I can never capture the beauty of the North Carolina mountains. Not with a camera. Not in a painting. But I do love to try. This small painting is a combination of watercolor and watercolor pencil. In my attempt to put the peace and tranquility of that evening on paper, I of course fall short. What the painting does do though is spark my memory of that beautiful day spent with a dear dear friend.


  1. I think you captured it beautifully! The sky, mountains, and green trees seem to hold the "smokyness" of the place. The mountains of NC are one of my favorite places to visit. The mountains seem to exude peace and tranquility, no matter how busy the area is! Glad you had time to paint and enjoy time with a special friend.

  2. LOVELY, Connie -- I agree, there are some scenes that almost defy capture ... but this is fabulous as it is!

  3. Connie...I love the mountains and love visiting my sister who lives in the foothills...but I call it the mountains. I think your painting is lovely. I'm a retired art teacher and my sister's an art teacher too.